Everybody knows that you can check out and read books from their local library free of charge, but these days there are new ways to enjoy books for less, and often for free.  In fact, there were so many great free books out there, I thought they were taking up too much space on my other blog, Saving Myself Silly, so I decided to give them their own home here!

There are numerous ebooks being offered for free all over the web.  Many of the book offers I will share on this site will be limited time promotional offers for FREE Kindle downloads from Amazon.com.  These are constantly changing, so I will try to keep a running list of anything new that I see at the top, and update previous titles when they are no longer free.

I personally own a refurbished Kindle that I received as a gift, and I love it.  You do not need a Kindle to read a Kindle book.  There are a large variety of Kindle reading apps for many platforms, and they are all free to download and use (see right sidebar).  You can even link apps on multiple devices, and Kindle will sync them so they always open to the last page of the book that you were on!  I think that is a very handy feature.

My favorite thing about getting books for free online is that there is no harm done if you end up not liking it.  We've all picked up books and began reading them only to put them down unfinished.  Free ebooks eliminate the remorse you may feel if you have paid the cover price for that books.  More often than not, however, I find new authors that I want to read more of, an while there may not be any more free offerings from them online, I can then search my local library.

If you are a book lover, but not a fan of their price tags, I think you will like it here!  I would encourage you to comment with your thoughts if you have read any of the books posted, so we can all know more about them.  Just don't give away the good parts. ;)